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UAV Manufacturers To Look Out For In 2023, And Why Missiya Will Be A Top Player

Technological developments have encouraged the unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV sector to venture into uncharted territory. UAVs are deployed for several purposes, including commercial, recreational, educational, military, and security. The number of UAV manufacturers is expanding, with more technological enhancements adding up with every release.

Here are three UAV manufacturers to look out for in 2023.


Missiya is an aerospace company that manufactures cutting-edge UAVs for government use and various purposes across several commercial industries. It entered the market by bringing in next-generation drones that perform at least ten times better than the existing ones. Missiya’s drones can execute complex tasks for private enterprises and public service functions.

The latest addition to Missiya’s arsenal is the M-22Q1 Zakal, which is a cutting-edge drone that can travel up to 40 kilometers in practically any weather and stay in the air for 45 to 60 minutes while carrying up to 6 kg of payload. If obstacles are removed, the huge quadcopter may go at speeds of 70kph and more. Multiple 360-degree onboard sensors stop it from colliding with objects. In addition, various professional cameras (high zoom camera, thermal imaging camera, laser range finder, GPS coordinate resolver) can be attached to the drone with one universal attachment point.

The M-22Q1 Zakal is set to have further enhancements in 2023, starting with improved efficiency through 4G/LTE capabilities. This enables an individual to pilot the drone from the opposite side of the world, leading to lesser costs and safety risks for dangerous tasks, such as facilities inspection or even search and rescue operations. Missiya has harnessed the power of current technologies to manufacture a drone that saves both money and lives.


Dai-Jiang Innovation Technology Company, better known as DJI, remains one of the most popular UAV manufacturers for a good reason. The company keeps innovating and developing ways to elevate the drone-flying experience of casual, professional, and competitive (drone racing) users. DJI hits all user types when releasing new drones to the market.

The drone manufacturing company has been consistently upgrading its drones’ software and hardware. Starting in 2023, consumers can look forward to drones that can take next-level aerial photos and videos unlike ever before. In addition, DJI is consistently releasing newer versions of their first-person view drones that appeal heavily to content creators and drone racers.


Parrot collaborates with the Department of Defense on the design of short-range military aircraft. Although established in France in 1994, the company only started focusing on enterprise-level services and features a few years ago.

One of the main selling points of Parrot SA drones is their open Software Development Kit, enabling developers to implement tailored end-to-end solutions for professionals from all different areas.

The future of UAVs

The year 2023 looks interesting for UAV manufacturers. Companies are seeking methods to remain ahead of the competition as the demand for drones rises in both the commercial and lifestyle areas. Businesses like Missiya, DJI, and Parrot SA have made names for themselves in the market by providing drones with top-notch build and accompanying software. With artificial intelligence, 4G/LTE, and other new technologies being integrated into drones, there is no telling what capabilities the next generation of UAVs will possess.

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