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Independent Research Scientist Secures U.S. Patent for Vitamin MePiAIndependent Research Scientist Secures U.S. Patent for Vitamin MePiA

A private research group has secured a U.S. patent for a newly discovered vitamin. Vitamin MePiA is the second of two new vitamins that have been patented by this group, Aardsma Research and Publishing, located in the small town of Loda, IL.

This second patent, issued by the USPTO in the fall of 2022, states in the abstract and summary the expected benefits of this new vitamin when supplemented in the diet.

The full patent may be read here.

Gerald Aardsma, Ph.D., has dedicated his life to independent research work. One of his long-held goals has been accomplished by discovering these two vitamins and subsequently securing these two patents.

“It has been a long and arduous path to discovery. I hope people will educate themselves about my work, so they can take appropriate action for their health and well-being.” – Dr. Gerald Aardsma.

More information on Dr. Aardsma’s research pertaining to these vitamins can be found at or by calling 217-803-0212.

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