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How to Change Your Relationship Status for Facebook

“Relationship status” on Facebook “Meta” is an amusing tool. It lets you inform your friends that you are linked to another person. The feature can be handy if you want the world to know that you are deeply in love. It may also be helpful when you have broken up with someone, and you don’t want the breakup to be spread all over Facebook.

Follow the steps below to let your Facebook friends know about newly added or changed information about your relationship.

Changing your Relationship Status for Facebook on the App

The process is easier on the app. It takes just a few moments to complete!

Step 1:  Launch the Facebook App and locate the profile icon.

For Android, click the menu button on the right corner. Click on your name close to the top of the screen.

For iOS, please click the menu button on the bottom right corner, and click on your name.

Step 2: Click on the update information icon. It’s also known as the About Section on some app versions.

Step 3: Scroll down until you find “Relationship.” Choose the status that best indicates your current relationship with someone.

You will have the option to edit a relationship status or even delete one. You can also add an anniversary for your wedding day if you’re proud of that!

Changing Your Relationship Status for Facebook on the Web Page

Paste on your computer’s browser and hit enter. Clicking on this address tells Facebook that you want to access your profile. It will display your profile.

Step 1: Go to the upper-right corner of your Facebook page and click on the profile picture icon. One alternative is clicking on the profile picture (top left button) from your news feed.

Step 2: Click on the “Update Info” option. You should click on it. Doing so takes you to a page to update your relationship status for Facebook.

Step 3: Scroll to the option marked “Families & Relationships” and locate the pencil icon, the default edit icon for the web page. Click on it, and several relationship status options will appear.

Step 4: Tap on the ‘Add Relationship Status’ button to add a new relationship. You can also change or delete your Facebook relationship status here.

You can enter the name of your significant other or update it on an upcoming anniversary. Click on “Edit Privacy” next to each option if you want to control who sees what on a case-by-case.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t want my friends to see when I change my relationship status?

You can hide relationship status on Facebook by adjusting the audience of the post. To do this, click on your current relationship status near the top of your profile, add a partner, and choose an audience.

How do I remove a previous relationship from my profile?

Click “About” close to the top of your profile. Click “Family & Relationships” in the left column. Click next to each person’s name and select Remove from Profile.

When you change your relationship status on Facebook, does it notify the other person?

No, it does not notify the other person. The only ones who will see it are you and those you allow via your profile’s privacy settings.

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