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Electric motorcycles, bikes part of mobility wave at CES 2023

While four-wheeled vehicles have dominated much of the headlines related to electric vehicles, CES 2023 will host an array of interesting companies showcasing their own electric bikes and motorbikes. 

One of the most eye-catching is China’s Davinci Motor, which will be debuting the futuristic DC100 electric motorcycle in the US at the show, following a November 2022 European debut at the Milan Motorcycle Show (EICMA). 

The company touts the DC100 as the first electric motorcycle designed to rival 1,000cc motorcycles. It has a claimed top speed of 200 kph, a 0-to-100 kph of 3 seconds, and a max range of 400 kilometers. The numbers make it comparable to 2021’s LiveWire One – an electric motorcycle made by a company spun off from popular bike maker Harley Davidson – which has a claimed top speed of 177 kph, and a 0-to-100 kph of 3 seconds as well. 

According to Davinci Motor’s product page, the DC100 is equipped with 1,000 chips and 200 sensors that monitor the environment, vehicle movement, road conditions, battery and motor temperature, and lean angle, among others, in order to precisely control the bike, and offer optimal performance and a smooth ride. A self-balancing feature is also said to be in the works. 

Other than Davinci Motor, Fuell will be showcasing their Flluid 3 e-bike with a range of 110 miles, and connectivity with a smartphone; Chinese company Cyrusher will be debuting a new lineup for their range of fat-tire e-bikes; while Heybike will be launching a full-suspension folding e-bike.

With motorcycles also getting the electric treatment at CES, how long will it be before electric models replace traditional bikes on the road now?

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