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Dale Pinchot, Yardley, Pa Supports College Scholarship Program

Dale Pinchot, Yardley, PA investor and entrepreneur is supporting a cause that he has expressed great concern about recently. With the cost of attending college at an all-time high, that is why Mr. Pinchot is supporting students who reach their goals of attending college but don’t have the financial capability.

“Most employers today are using resume scanners to only pick candidates who attending college. Most established companies on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed have adopted this philosophy. Without having a college degree, your chances of standing out are slim even if you are a great candidate and can do the job better than anyone else.” Dale Pinchot stated.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 1980 the cost to attend a four-year college full-time was $10.231 per year. This included tuition, fees, room, board, and inflation adjustments. The total cost of college was $35,331 by 2020-21. This is a 180% increase.

“There are so many great people who would benefit the workforce in the future that are being left behind due to the increased cost of college. They need all the help they can get.” Dale Pinchot added.

Each year, over 1.7 million scholarships will be awarded. Only 7% of college students will be eligible for a scholarship. Dale Pinchot aims to add some much-needed funding for some of the world’s most talented and undiscovered students. 

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About Dale Pinchot

Dale Pinchot, Yardley, PA investor and entrepreneur has participated in many tournaments around the globe. His mathematical and statistical background has fueled his interest in understanding the nuances and stability of cross-cultural mindsets. His ability to observe the tendencies of his opponents and analyze all available statistics allows him to prepare for multi-table sessions.

His drive to succeed and determination to put information into action have contributed to his success in some of the most prestigious professional poker tournaments around the globe. He has participated in the European Poker Tour and Master Classics of Poker as well as the World Series of Poker.

Dale began his career in poker at an early age. He started visiting Atlantic City casinos as a way to get some practice. He soon realized that the key to success as a poker player is his ability to make informed decisions and maximize the expected value of his actions. He began to pay more attention to the actions he would make during tournaments after doubling his initial investment. He would then research possible outcomes and odds to help him make the best decision for the future.

Dale has not looked back since 2005 when he became a professional. The infinite complexity of mind games that occur during a hand fascinates him. Professional poker players have taught him invaluable skills in patience and problem-solving.

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