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Which cheese is best with which coffee? Find out at this Makati café’s pairing event

As someone allergic to alcohol yet an avid fan of cheese and caffeine (and thankfully not hyper-acidic), an afternoon of enjoying high-quality French cheeses paired with international coffee roasts sounded like a great time to me. The luxury coffee shop offers this educational and immersive experience for groups curious to try out the Malongo Team’s personally curated duos of coffee and cheese, in partnership with The Bow Tie Duck.

The team designs the tasting journey with the mildest flavors at the start, and the strongest ones at the end. Each individual is served a plate of two kinds of cheeses, crostini, and a glass of freshly-brewed coffee per pairing. The coffee is brewed using different methods, which each produces its own taste profile and aroma. You can choose from the siphon, Chemex, drip, and many more.

A pairing I enjoyed was the Charolais and Blue Mountain, a mild and subtle yet highly-refined combo of soft raw goat’s milk cheese with the rare, exquisite Jamaica Blue Mountain Arabica coffee. The Charolais cheese is creamy and mild, and the Blue Mountain is smooth, delicate, and balanced, with aromatic woody and honey undertones and a subtle floral aroma.

Another favorite pairing was the Pont-l’Évêque and Congo Lac Kivu. The Pont-l’Évêque is a cow’s milk soft cheese that’s in the middle of a creamy brie and camembert, but with a slightly stronger, tangier flavor. The Congo Lac Kivu is an Arabica coffee produced from the Blue Mountain and bourbon trees, with a full-bodied but bright and light profile that tastes almost refreshing.

As a blue cheese fan, it seemed like they saved the best for last! I was pleased to see Roquefort as the last cheese, paired with Bresil Sul De Minas. The famous French blue cheese is creamy, slightly salty, tangy, and strong, with distinct hints of bitterness that linger on the tongue. It works really well with the smooth and creamy Bresil Sul De Minas, which glides smoothly on the tongue and helps mellow out the punchiness of the Roquefort.

Malongo’s team will give you the lowdown on each pairing, and then teach you how best to enjoy the coffee and cheese individually first, and then together. Questions are encouraged during the session!

Malongo Atelier Barista’s cheese and coffee pairing event is best enjoyed in a small group of 5 to 14 guests. So far, it is only being held at the new branch in Greenbelt Hamilton, Legazpi Village, but it will be available at Malongo’s One Bonifacio High Street branch soon.

Guests can schedule a coffee and cheese pairing event in advance via Malongo Atelier Barista’s brand executive via 0917-555-5435. You can also check out the brand’s Instagram page for more information.

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