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Jonas Tellis Explains the AAMU Blackboard

Before starting his business, Dr. Jonas Tellis has spent years as the coordinator of marketing and recruitment for Graduate Studies at Alabama A&M University. At AAMU, Jonas Tellis is responsible for all recruitment and marketing events for the graduate department.

He also assists with the retention of graduate students at Alabama A&M University and has an 85% success rate of returning students.

The AAMU Blackboard is an instructional technology used by Alabama A&M University. Blackboard Learn is a powerful, modern teaching and learning experience with an intuitive and fully responsive interface.

It is a robust learning management system (LMS) that facilitates teaching and learning in both online and face-to-face modes.

The Blackboard has tools that allow engagement in the form of discussions, critical thinking, collaborations, and much more.

Everyone from faculty, staff to students can utilize to collaborate with peers and University partners.

With a streamlined design and time-saving tools, it eases the burden on instructors and engages students in fun learning.

Why have we chosen Blackboard Learn?

AAMU Blackboard is easy to use, and it offers flexible tools and features to support and strengthen pedagogy.

“It makes it easier for instructors to build courses that engage students and enhance their learning experience. Simple tools and workflows help students and instructors stay organized and increase engagement.” Dr. Jonas Tellis stated.

It helps create an optimized learning environment for students, improve faculty development, and perform high-quality research by providing insightful analytics.

Through pattern analysis, the right tools for students can be discovered based on their program and course. Students can also track their activity on a dashboard, which compares their performance with the average.

It also presents instructors with what works so that they can continually improve their methods.

Blackboard can be accessed on mobile devices, so students can stay connected with digital learning. It allows them to participate in class discussions and virtual classrooms from anywhere.

“They can take assessments at the right time from any place while accessing their stored work on the cloud. Prompt notifications about assignments, tests, and quizzes help students stay on top of their educational journey. This fosters a sense of equity and inclusion amongst students and enriches the learning experience.” Dr. Tellis added.

Students can easily stay connected with the university’s resources and get personalized support from instructors using Blackboard. They can receive help and support anytime and anywhere.

Blackboard Learn allows partnerships with nearly 300 partners. It is open to integrate, extend, and get data. Educational ecosystems include more than just teachers and learners. With this system, we can integrate publisher content and third-party tools from a strong partner network.

AAMU Blackboard Service

In order to use the service, students, instructors, and other users require stable Internet access. Devices such as a microphone, web camera, or headphones may be required depending on the course.

The web browser you’re using to access the AAMU Edu Blackboard should be up-to-date. It should have cookies, Java, Flash, Shockwave, and PDF viewing enabled, and pop-ups disabled.

As for the eligibility to use the Blackboard, faculty, and staff with AAMU accounts can use it. Students can also access it with their accounts. The Blackboard is an enterprise system that is available 24×7, except during downtimes due to maintenance.

Blackboard Support is available to staff, faculty, and students from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

They can also call the ITS Service Desk at 256-372-4357 if they need help, or they can submit a ticket online at any time.

The faculty can also contact the Center for Instructional Technology Team at 256-372-4252 from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., for any support required. 

AAMU Blackboard Resources

For any more information or guidelines regarding the use of Blackboard Learn, you can check out the following links:

For students:

For faculty and staff:

To get familiar with Blackboard Learn: Instructor Videos

Tips and recommendations for instructors: Quick Tips

To manage course material: Grade Center Backup

About Jonas Tellis

Dr. Jonas Tellis received all his degrees from Historical Black colleges and Universities. He graduated with his Associate in Science and Bachelor in Science degree in Education from Rust College in Holly Spring, Mississippi, His Master’s in Family Consumer Sciences from Alabama A&M University in 2013.

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