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How to Remove Scratches from Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses have always been a perfect addition to your wardrobe. It gives you an elegant look and protects your eyes from unwanted rays that might affect your vision. To give a clear view of sunglasses’ usefulness after a thorough survey, we discovered that 83% of US men use sunglasses. Likewise, Statista research made it known that 88.7% of ladies out of 100% own and wear sunglasses.

However, there are times in which your sunglasses lenses get scratches, which might disfigure your shades and give an odd look. Imagine on a day when the sun is scorching hot; nothing could be more irritating than reaching into your purse, to discover only the lenses of your glasses receiving nasty scratches. Sure, you still should wear them, but this flaw tends to come in the way of your vision.

So, would you do something to save your dream pair of shades from getting disfigured by scratches?

Removing Scratches From Glasses

There are several blog posts where you might see different ways to salvage this. However, they come with several step-by-step instructions for getting rid of scratches, which normally involve one of two approaches. The first is to buff the scratches, use some kind of a non-abrasive toothpaste or baking soda blend, to sand down the stains basically until they vanish. The second approach does the same, including scratches with furniture spray, wax, or silver polishing, to make the glass surface even further.

A few people who had used this technique said you could rinse the toothpaste with cold water and pass the cotton ball around with a circular motion for a few seconds. To extract moisture or toothpaste, use a smooth, lint-free towel. Repeat until the scratch is gone as much as possible.

However, you should take note that if the glasses involved are specially polished, any technique requiring buffing or scratch reduction by simply sanding off the surface won’t succeed. As a result, they might be scratched and twisted by the region and would just remove the further coating. This may also make the scratch look bigger.

Furthermore, for a plastic lens, the coating and the scratched look can be eliminated with anything like a polish remover. However, this is not recommended for sunglasses since their coatings – anti-reflection and sometimes even the UV safety itself – is a sort of point where sunglasses are first and foremost worn. Likewise, using a filler like wax, furniture, or silver polish on your glasses is theoretically less destructive, but it appears to be shorter, which is more often a replicated alternative.

The problem with most of this is that situations will still be made worse rather than better. It is stated that any effort to eliminate scratches will potentially amplify the lens through mirrored lenses in particular. Hence, the right approach to have scratch-free lenses is to secure your glasses when you are not wearing them and prevent having scratches in the first place.

You should also note that while trying to rectify this oddness, they can’t be changed or modified without any further trying to distort the value of the lens or vision through them. However, using an abrasive beach towel or even a woven shirt or dress can undermine lens quality, so be sure to use the microfiber bag or clean cloth your sunglasses come with. It is ideal for keeping your sunglasses, shades, etc., in a case, not chuck them and all your other material into the bag.

However, if this is too late and the sunglasses are severely scratched, it may be easier to consider changing the lenses. If you are buying quality sunglasses from a good company, then you should call them to get your lenses replaced. It is a service that so many successful companies offer to save their customers and other marketing strategies to bring in new customers.

Final Thoughts 

In essence, can you then try home to repair your glasses? There is a wealth of proof that some of the hacks operate online. However, if your sunglasses were a huge investment, a specialist should be concerned – just note that nothing is worth more than taking proper care of these frames.

Importantly, minor scratches are not the end of the universe, then you should do things to stop any more scratches. If scratches have begun to block your vision or make it impossible for you to drive, call your eye care professional. 

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