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34 Things to Clear in Your New Construction Home

Are you thinking of purchasing a home built from new materials? These homes have many perks such as energy efficiency and no damaged parts that need to be repaired. Plus, they can be made exactly how you want them. There are a few things you need to check when considering new construction.

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These are some of the most important things to think about when you decide if new construction homes might be right for your needs.

Gary Kevin Coats Raleigh, NC new home checklist
  1. Water seepage through cracks in foundation walls
  2. Most often, there are cracks or open mortar joints in masonry buildings.
  3. Concrete contractors are known to forget to remove form ties from their concrete walls or not parage any areas that were affected by them. These form ties eventually crack foundation walls and rust out. All basements will eventually take on water.
  4. Crawl spaces are not usually covered with stone or plastic (Visqueen), as they should, to keep moisture out.
  5. Water seepage through cracks in foundation walls
  6. Receptacles and switches that don’t work.
  7. Failing to properly attach or install the garbage disposal.
  8. Roofs are often left with loose shingles and debris.
  9. Not installing an overflow tray or tub under the hot water heater and washing machine. This could lead to future water damage.
  10. Sometimes, shower and tub tiles are not properly caulked in the tub or flooring.
  11. Many times, supply and waste piping do not have enough fasteners or supports to ensure they are secure.
  12. Plumbing traps that leak
  13. Poor painting – missed spots, drips, and areas that were not supposed to be there.
  14. Appliances are damaged, which can lead to a loss of warranty.
  15. Paint the exposed wood sashes’ tops, bottoms, and sides.
  16. Not painting exterior structural lintels as required. This can lead to premature rusting and eventual failure. Lintels can be very expensive to replace.
  17. Many foundation windows and doors of masonry buildings lack flashing or weep holes. These are necessary to prevent moisture penetration and mold growth.
  18. Or, appliances are poorly or not installed.
  19. Hardwood floors may have scratches and holes.
  20. Kitchen and bath cabinet doors are often not aligned. Split, cracked, or broken door stiles and rails.
  21. Poorly executed drywall work with seams, nails, or screw head pops.
  22. It is common for ceramic and marble floor tiles to be sealed.
  23. As they should, downspouts shouldn’t extend beyond 5 feet from the foundation. Without the correct grade, exterior landscaping is not possible. They are crucial in preventing wet basements.
  24. If you don’t clean your ductwork regularly, it will always be dirty and full of construction debris.
  25. Ceiling and floor mechanical and electrical penetrations should never be sealed with proper fire- and fume-stopping material. Safety hazard.
  26. Dryers are rarely installed with steel flue pipes and clamps. Safety hazard.
  27. Heating and cooling ducts are not often taped or sealed with approved heating tape. Airflow is lost.
  28. The insulation board can often be broken during the installation of brick veneer or exterior siding.
  29. Plumbers and electricians are known for cutting through studs and joists in places they shouldn’t, which can lead to weak frameworks.
  30. Many structural steel beams do not have mortared beam pockets. This can lead to shifting.
  31. Joist hangers should not be nailed in every slot. Resulting in weak framing.
  32. In new construction, heat loss is primarily due to the absence of insulation or sealant around band joists, mudsills, and windows and doors. This results in higher heating and cooling costs.
  33. Mudsills should be nutted and washed as necessary. This causes the house to not be secured to its foundation.
  34. It is mandatory that each municipality has one basement exit window.

The Charlotte real estate market has become one of the most popular in the country. There are more buyers than there are homes for sale. The inventory is very low while the demand is high and there is intense competition for homes. This housing shortage is a boon for Charlotte-area home builders.

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This severe shortage has led many Charlotte home buyers to look into new builders in the Charlotte NC area. New construction in Charlotte NC is a great option for losing multiple offers to buyers. Follow this checklist of 34 tips to check in your new construction home and you will have made a great investment.

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