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William M. Bernstein shares insight on dreams about being pregnant

Have you ever dreamt you were pregnant? It was a frightening and disconcerting experience for me. Even if your dream is only for a short time. (Unless you have mastery in the art of lucid dreams.

Others may dream of conceiving. However, no matter where you are on the spectrum, a pregnancy dream does not have to be about having babies. It could be a metaphor for something deeper, as with many dreams.

Dream interpretation expert William M. Bernstein, author of the book Realisation of Concepts: Infinity, Cognition, and Health, William M. Bernstein Ph.D. says that “being pregnant in a dream even though you’re not [actually] pregnant or even considering being pregnant in your waking life is very common.” Dr. Bernstein says that some common pregnancy dreams include being in labor, having a baby [you] think is ugly, and being with your ex. We’ll cover all these scenarios in detail later.

What is it that makes us believe we are pregnant? How can we find out what these dreams are trying to tell me? Cheung explains why you have these dreams and what they can mean.

What Are You Doing to Get Pregnant?

Although dreaming that you are pregnant does not necessarily mean that you will be with your child IRL in most cases, it might. Dr. Bernstein explains that the literal is always the first step in dream interpretation before you can move on to the symbolic or psychological. Although literal interpretations of dreams are rare, they should be excluded. You will need to observe how your dream portrays your feelings about your pregnancy. Your dreaming mind might be telling you to get your birth control checked if you are feeling scared. Simply put: make sure you aren’t actually pregnant.

Dr. Bernstein says that your pregnancy dream may also be a result of “wish fulfillment” and “fear of becoming pregnant.” Dr. Bernstein explains that dreams can reflect your life’s true meaning and offer you the opportunity to role-play becoming pregnant. If you have frightening dreams about pregnancy, this can help you get rid of fertility-hindering anxiety.

After you have taken stock and crossed out the literal meanings, you can look into why you may be having a dream pregnancy. Dr. Bernstein suggests that it could be your subconscious telling you to “find new ways to reach your full potential”

Dr. Bernstein says that dreams can encourage you to think about your future and to reflect on how you create it by what actions, thoughts, and feelings you choose to give birth to every day. Reflect on the future you are creating for yourself with your first waking thought.

How to interpret your Pregnancy Dreams

Once you have found the “why”, it is time to decode. Dr. Bernstein suggests that you start by remembering that the symbols in your dreams always refer to your waking reality. Let your dreams offer you new perspectives.

There are many possible meanings for this other than the obvious desire to conceive or fear of an unplanned pregnancy. Dr. Bernstein suggests that it could be anything, from wanting a fresh start to longing and accepting unconditional love. Dr. Bernstein explains that your dreaming mind might suggest self-nurturing as a way to get started. Look within to find acceptance and love, rather than looking externally.

These interpretations are based on your dream.

You can dream of going into labor.

Dr. Bernstein suggests that the dream could also refer to a time of waiting. Perhaps you are currently being asked to show patience and determination in order to complete a project. Dr. Bernstein says that a new part of your personality, or an idea, is emerging or hatching. The seeds of something new are being planted in your waking lives. Dr. Bernstein adds that dreaming of giving birth or going into labor could be an indication that your hard work is soon rewarded.

Have you ever experienced morning sickness or a pregnancy glow?

You might be just beginning a new chapter in your life. If that is the case, Dr. Bernstein suggests “paying attention to your dream pregnancy because this will reflect your confidence about this new beginning.” If you experience morning nausea in your dreams, it could indicate that you are having trouble with the thing you are metaphorically giving birth to. If you have that pregnancy glow, you are probably doing the right things in your waking lives.

If someone you know dreams that they are pregnant

Dr. Bernstein suggests that if you have a dream that someone you know is pregnant it could be that you need to nurture a part you are not capable of learning new skills or fulfilling your potential.

You can have your dream baby with your ex-partner…

There’s also the questionable scenario of getting pregnant with your ex-partner’s child. Dr. Bernstein says that this is a sign of growth and not something to be ashamed of. Dr. Bernstein says, “Your dreaming mind wants to tell you that your previous relationship has led to new insight within yourself, and this can be a positive thing.” You grew as a result of your past relationship. The wisdom that you have gained has made you a mature person. If you have morning sickness in your dreams, it could be a sign of toxicity.

Dr. Bernstein says, “[These] dreams remind us of how important it is to know when it’s time to let go and make room for the future.”

If there are multiple babies or you misplace the baby…

Dr. Bernstein states that dreaming of giving birth can be a sign of a new beginning. He suggests that you focus on the difficulty of labor, as it symbolizes the discipline and dedication required to achieve your goals in real life. He also said that the part of your life that you are changing is affected by what you give birth to.

Dr. Bernstein says, “If you have many children this can mean lots of exciting new directions. But also a warning to not spread yourself too thin.” “If your baby is lost or misplaced, it could be that you have lost your way or are unable to keep your eyes on the important things.

If your child is a monster…

Dr. Bernstein says that if the baby turns out to be ugly, or a monster then there may be something wrong with your life or you might be involved in something outside of your comfort zone. This could be a sign that things are not going according to plan.

Here’s the bottom line on Pregnancy Dreams

There is usually nothing to be concerned about when you have dreams that you are pregnant. It happens to everyone (even men). Pay attention to the details to decode your dreams. Sometimes, our subconscious alerts us to things that aren’t obvious in the real world. To learn more about dream interpretation, listen to the podcast of Dr. William M. Bernstein.

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