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No One is Born a Leader – the Challenges of Growing Into a Business Leader, With Charlotte Christian, the Founder of Charlotte Christian Law

No story of great entrepreneurial success is free from moments of hardship. At one point in their careers, most successful business tycoons inevitably faced challenges that forced them to overcome their limitations and grow into more effective leaders.

For Charlotte Christian, the founder and owner of the family law firm Charlotte Christian Law, her entrepreneurial journey got off to a rough start.

This law entrepreneur recalls how her lack of experience in management represented her most significant handicap in her early days as a law firm owner. Yet, this impediment pushed her to educate herself and motivated her to grow as a leader at a faster rate than she ever thought possible.

“Undoubtedly, knowing how to allocate resources and people in the right positions is one of the greatest challenges people face when they enter a leadership position for the first time,” described Christian during a recent video interview. “It was, in fact, one of the greatest challenges I faced when I became a law firm owner.”

Over the past two years, Christian has become a prominent figurehead in the family law industry. Charlotte Christian Law is today one of the fastest-growing family law firms nationwide. Christian has devoted her career to defending the rights of individuals who are undergoing complex separation and custody processes. Along with her team, this attorney has assisted hundreds of clients in overcoming the hardship of a difficult divorce.

In an interview back in August, Christian connected via zoom from her Alabama residence to discuss her journey in developing the skills of an effective business leader. During this exclusive interview, she reflected on some of the difficult episodes that marked her early entrepreneurial career.

Christian has a committed vision of making Charlotte Christian Law the leading family practice in the nation. Thus, she took the determination to shape herself into an entrepreneur capable of achieving this ambitious objective.

“I was determined to learn how to lead people,” said Christian. “ I started flooding myself with as much business content as I could. I started learning about high-impact industries and how to become a more effective leader for my team.”

Today, Christian considers this learning experience as a necessary step she had to take in her journey to become the law entrepreneur she is today. Christian’s early failures did not diminish her determination to grow Charlotte Christian Law into the preeminent family law firm in the country and a leader in the industry.

I am glad people express that working [at Charlotte Christian Law] is unlike working anywhere else.”

In spite of her rapid success over the past years, Christian does not believe she has yet reached the summit of her growth as an entrepreneur.

Nowadays, as Charlotte Christian Law continues to expand into new corners of the continental United States, she continues to educate herself on how to better lead her team and provide the highest quality service for her clients.

By Juan Sebastian Restrepo,
With Artistic Initiative Agency

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