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David Rewcastle, Darien, CT Energy Analyst Featured in Company InFocus Interview

David Rewcastle, an energy analyst with decades of experience working in finance, was
recently featured in the online research publication, Company InFocus.

Company InFocus is a data research firm that recently conducted a survey on the current
energy prices compared to the 2008 financial crisis. One of the executives surveyed, David
Rewcastle shared his thoughts.

In his feature, Rewcastle discussed his work, commitment, and experiences as an energy
analyst at financial firms as his philosophy on the current energy prices. He also shared
valuable advice for those who are looking to enter the field of financial analysis.

Rewcastle stated, “I am confident that the fed has the conviction necessary to do what is
needed to bring down inflation.” “But I will be open with you: I believe they must do less. The fed
will only be capable of doing less if there is more supply.”

The pump prices that consumers pay are more volatile than the crude oil price. U.S. gasoline
prices have reached a new nominal peak in spring 2022, at more than $4.00 per gallon.
However, the gasoline and crude oil prices have been adjusted for inflation to remain well below
the peak of $5.00 per gallon in 2008.

Rewcastle stated that there are short-term solutions to lower energy prices. The U.S. will likely
have to bear more of the burden through monetary policy when bringing down demand.

Read the full article on the Company InFocus interview.

About David Rewcastle

David B. Rewcastle is an Equity and Fixed Income Analyst with a background in Finance,
Economics, and Middle East Studies. David has been a security analyst in numerous industry
sectors, originally with a concentration in Energy and Utilities for nearly two decades; receiving
numerous accolades for stock picking returns and earnings estimate accuracy. David won the
Wall Street Journal’s “Best On The Street” award for portfolio performance in the Oilfield
Services Sector has been awarded the top-ranked stock picker for the Gas Utility Sector by

Starmine/Forbes Magazine, and Starmine/Financial Times rated David as the #3
analyst/stockpicker in the US Gas Utility sector.

Over the past five years, David has added the BioTech Sector to his area of analysis and
discussions and moderated panels at industry conferences.

David Rewcastle is currently a Senior Analyst at E3 Research Associates, an Independent Third
Party Research and Analytics Company, and an Instructor of Economics at the University of
New Haven. He has been a Professor at the New York University School of Professional
studies; teaching courses in finance, and valuation. and investment strategy in the Energy
Industry. His background includes experience as the Senior Research Analyst at RHK/Source
Capital Group, an analyst at Divine Capital Markets, Capstone Investments, Argus Research,
and September Group Research Partners; a sovereign risk & ratings associate analyst at Fitch
Ratings/Thomson Bankwatch; and a field analyst at Schlumberger’s Seismic Exploration Group.
David has been a corporate instructor at Oak Leaf Energy Training and taught History and
Economics at an International School from 1992-1994 while in Damascus.

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David Rewcastle has a Master’s Degree in Near East Studies and Business Administration from
New York University’s Institute of Near East Studies and the Stern School of Business where he
majored in finance. His Master’s thesis was on the effects of petrodollar flows on economies
and countries. David also studied at Damascus University and the American University in Cairo
and earned a BA with a concentration on Petroleum Economics and Political Science in the
Middle East from the Strategic Studies Department at the University of Calgary.

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