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External Mobile Chargers by ModernMerch Reviewed

ModernMerch, since its establishment in 2020, has impressively been able to win the hearts of many with its line of modern, chic, and unique products. One of such products is their external mobile chargers. The Modern Merch smartwatch has captured much attention since it’s release. It continues to make the ModernMerch smartwatch users take notice of other products that they offer. In this article, we will be featuring the ModernMerch external mobile charger.

Everyone needs a mobile charger, mainly because of its mobility, portability, and accessibility at any time or place. They are handy and proficient enough to charge your phone in a very short time span and provide the full power your phone needs to work efficiently. 

Here are the notable features about the external mobile chargers from ModernMerch and why it makes sense for you.

Superior Safety: The first thing to note about this mobile charger is its ultimate safety protection. The manufacturer paid adequate attention to superior safety practices that provide short circuit prevention, temperature control, overcurrent protection, and over-discharge regulations. Its advanced safety features are designed to give users peace of mind.

Capacity: The ModernMerch external mobile chargers have a capacity of 10000mAh. With this, and USB-A to C cable included, you have all you need to power your devices no matter where you are.

Compatibility: They are compatible with both iOS and android devices. It charges everything from iPhones, Samsung, LG and many more.

Design: The battery is very compact and slim, which makes it super portable.

Charging Speed: the charging speed is 2 times faster than 5V/1A chargers; (input: micro USB 5V-2.0A, output: 5V-2.1A).

Quality: The ModernMerch mobile charger has superior quality, hence UL certified its quality.

Other External Mobile Charger Features 

And those are not all about the ModernMerch external mobile chargers. They also have a digital LED power display, charges two devices simultaneously, and are totally safe to carry on the plane. The mobile charger comes in a pack of two chargers, one white and one black color. At $89, these mobile chargers aren’t what you should be sleeping on. They are a great addition to your iPhone or Android. 

Interestingly, users of ModernMerch products can also save money when they buy through ModernMerch partner, OnMyWay. OnMyWay app users get to grab discounted prices on all products offered on the ModernMerch website.

Customer Service

Also, worthy of note is the shopping experience with ModernMerch. Apart from their quality product, affordability, and functionality, buyers will find their shipping experience impressive. 

Orders take about 4 to 7 days to arrive, plus your orders are generally in good hands. ModernMerch includes live contract & shipping protection on all orders, so that in an event of loss, broken item, or theft, your item is covered. You have the right to file for any damaged or lost items and get a replacement for it. However, note that there is no room for returns, refunds, and exchanges once an order has been processed, ModernMerch purchases are final.

They also have a 100% dedication to customer satisfaction, hence customers are welcome to enjoy their seamless shopping experience, affordability, and top-notch customer service that is out of the ordinary. Customers should rest assured that they will find the ModernMerch brand exceptionally fantastic.

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